Quality Policy


The primary values of our company are the CUSTOMERS, EMPLOYEES, SUPPLIERS and SHAREHOLDERS.

The Main Objective

Development and production of up-to-date, effective, safe quality medicines that meet the needs and expectations of consumers and comply with the requirements of regulatory documents.

Ways to accomplish the objective

  •  Continuous improvement of the quality system, increasing its effectiveness and efficiency in accordance with the requirements of GMP and the ISO 9001 standards.
  •  Innovative medicines development and its launch to the market.
  •  Continuous improvement in the area of customer satisfaction, complains probability reduction.
  •  Application of the process approach and risk management in quality assurance arrangements.
  •  Continuous improvement of the personnel knowledge and skills and personnel involvement into quality management processes.
  •  Selection of reliable raw materials suppliers, materials and services, establishing of mutually beneficial relations based on trust and partnership spirit.

Commitments directed to the objectve accomplishment

In order to accomplish the set objectives our leadership assumes the COMMITMENT to:

  •  Organize the work of the enterprise in accordance with the current legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the EAEU regulations.
  •  Communicate and ensure the Quality Policy understanding by all employees of the enterprise.
  •  Constantly analyze and improve the quality system of the enterprise.
  •  Allocate the necessary resources, responsibilities and authority of personnel within the production cycle.
  •  Promote the application of the process approach and risk-based thinking.
  •  Evaluate the effectiveness of the quality system at the enterprise.
  •  Analyze the results of achieving quality goals.
  •  Periodically revise the quality policy and objectives.

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