Goals in the field of quality


Dynamic development of JSC "Nobel AFF", ensuring timely manufacturing and release of competitive products to meet the needs of consumers and continuous improvement of quality.


Development and manufacturing of modern, effective, safe and high-quality drug products that can meet the needs and expectations of consumers.


Continuous development and improvement of the pharmaceutical quality system, increasing its results and efficiency in accordance with the requirements of proper pharmaceutical practices and quality control of drug products (GMP, GDP) and international standards ISO 9001:2015 to guarantee the quality of finished products.

  •  Improvement, implementation and use of modern technologies aimed at improving the quality of products.
  •  Creation of conditions ensuring a conscious involvement in the quality management process and continuous improvement of personnel's skills.
  •  Use of the process approach in the organization of quality management.
  •  The choice of reliable suppliers of raw materials and services, the formation of mutually beneficial relations with them on the basis of trust and partnership.
  •  Development and introduction of innovative drug products to the market.

Quality management

  •  To bring the Quality Policy to the attention of each employee.
  •  Continuously review and improve the pharmaceutical quality system and provide all the necessary resources for its effective functioning.
  •  Encourage employees to understand and motivate themselves in relation to the objectives and their participation in continuous improvement.
  •  Review the results of the implementation of the Quality Policy.

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