Environment protection

Our policy is an "ecological friendly business" that meets the requirements of national and international environmental laws and regulations, as well as the creation, practice and continuous development of an environmental management system that will be continuously applied in all our activities in the areas in which we manufacture products and we provide services to protect the ecosystem by preventing unnecessary waste and pollution of resources around the world.

Therefore, this is the responsibility of JSC "Nobel Almaty Pharmaceutical Factory", which include the following;

  •  To protect natural sources: To use technologies that ensure efficient use of natural sources, which create less or no waste in volume, depending on our financial capabilities.
  •  To reduce waste: To reduce waste in the source, waste recycling, waste disposal by using appropriate methods from expert companies without damage to the environment.
  •  To remain modern: To act in accordance with the most modern regulations in accordance with our sectorial (industry) requirements, following the changes in laws and regulations on environmental protection related to our areas of activity.
  •  To constantly improve the system: To strive to implement our periodic tasks, constantly analyzing and improving our environmental management system, depending on our technological and financial capabilities, not limited only by the laws and regulations themselves.
  •  To be open: To keep all our actions related to the environment protection, to announce the obtained results and new goals.
  •  To try to improve environmental awareness: To continue to communicate with suppliers, subcontractors and customers (clients) by exchanging information to encourage them to be environmentally informed, to make environmental awareness as a criterion for doing business with individuals and institutions, to improve environmental awareness of our employees with through their training and our typical activities.

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